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25 October 2008 @ 08:10 pm

if, on www.dvd.se , we click on our order number it says:

På lager
Kommer att bli sänt så snart som möjligt

which, to our knowledge, means as much as "Out of stock. Your item will be shipped as soon as possible"


Hey guys ...

good news! ...the (good) people at WWW.DVD.SE have started shipping the pre-ordered DVD's for Ten Inch Hero.

You can check out if your own item has been shipped already...
we made a small (ahum..) screencap of our own "kontto" as a manual LOL

for full size: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v693/eveliendorien/dvdse.jpg

we hope all of y'alls progresses on the dvd has changed/will change soon!


11 September 2008 @ 08:00 am
Let me take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone who came, be it from round the corner to another country entirely! I was amazed with the response and so GLAD everyone had a good time.

I want to say a personal thank you to my parents Peter and Diana, who helped me out on the day and kept me calm and focused in the weeks beforehand (reminding me to do this that and the other), to my sister Emily and her husband Gary who also helped on the day as well as designing the tickets and getting them all prepared, to Eoghain our Priestly security guard for keeping an eye out for any naughty business so that I could get absorbed into the film (I'm very pleased to say not one person tried to film the film, though he did spot a couple of people txting when Jensen made his entrance, no doubt to fans who couldn't make it!) and to Cat, my loudmouthed lifeline who kindly donated the Ripley's tickets and a set of the Origins comics. You all know who she is! She kept me on my toes and helped in the places I could not.

David had a great time and said how glad he was that everyone seemed to enjoy the film. He was also amazed that people did stay for the second showing! Thank you David for a fantastic film!

And I'm sorry for anyone in the first screening that didn't get to see Alice, but I only knew she was coming when I saw her sitting there at the front of the queue! I knew Friday that she was in the UK and hadn't seen the film but we weren't sure if she'd make it so thanks to Alice for being a part of the film and for finishing off the day so excellently for everyone.

I'm going away this Saturday for a 2 week holiday in Orlando, Florida (ending with EyeCon where I WILL be wearing my Organiser t-shirt if you're there) but after that, I have nothing major planned so if you want me to do it again, just let me know either here or at the google email.

I'll also try to get pictures posted when I get back but feel free to post here if you have any, I'd love to see them.
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08 September 2008 @ 08:26 am
Since no one else has said this here yet, I would just like to express my sincerest thanks to Cassie and everyone else involved in the organisation of this event. It was a huge undertaking, but ran like clockwork, and I am massively appreciative of all your hard work that allowed me to finally see this film.

It was worth the wait - what an adorable film! I loved every minute of it: funny and touching and saucy in all the right places. Let us hope an avenue into wider distribution can be found soon, so that the film will finally reach the audience it deserves.

Thank you!
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04 September 2008 @ 02:42 pm
Yes, that's right, David Mackay has safely landed and is in London with Ten Inch Hero!!!!!

Tickets are still available online up until mid day Friday (tomorrow) but after that they will be available to purchase from me at the cinema 20 minutes before each screening time.

So bring your friends, your family members and heck, even your dog! (though I don't think the ODEON staff would appreciate that! lol)

See you all in 2 days!

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01 September 2008 @ 02:19 pm
Hi everyone!

I'm sure that like me, many of you have started a countdown of the days to the UK premiere of our beloved Ten Inch Hero.

Tickets have started arriving but if you have ordered yours within the last week or so, then I'll be holding them at the cinema to be collected on the day. I would have emailed you regardless so you should each know whether tickets are being sent or if you need to collect them.

If you have any friends that are umming and erring about coming, tickets will be available on the day to purchase, so drag them along anyway and maybe seeing all the other fans will convince them to join in the fun.

If you have any queries on the day, there will be several people in black t-shirts with STAFF printed on the back. As this is an independently organised screening, the Odeon staff won't know full details on the days events so come and find one of my helpers.

I think that is all for now. I look forward to seeing you all in 5 days (just 5 days?!!! *faints*)

Edit: tickets are no longer available online. They will be available to purcahse from me 20/30 minutes before each screening time at the cinema.
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26 August 2008 @ 10:00 am
Hi everyone. I've had a few people emailing me asking about their tickets so I thought I'd post here letting you all know.

The tickets are now in the post on their way to you all! There were a couple of setbacks and the person designing and printing them could only get access to his equipment last week so I apologize if some of you were getting worried. I've had a busy weekend building a log cabin at the end of my garden for my mum but in return she has been counting tickets, addressing envelopes and takeing that weight off my shoulders with the assistance of my sister.

Once again, here is the PayPal button if you still haven't gotten your tickets. I guarantee there will be spaces in either screening.

Edit: tickets are no longer available online. They will be available to purcahse from me 20/30 minutes before each screening time at the cinema.

So PLEASE buy!

P.S. Less than 2 weeks guys!

Edit: As my sister so rightfully pointed out to me just now, she was the one who did most of the tickets etc. My mum printed off the labels and sis cut & counted the tickets, did the 'With Compliments' slip and put the right tickets in the envelopes. Sorry Emily!!! My excuse is I was down the garden all weekend so I don't know who did what! But credit where credit's due. Love ya Em (she won't let me say that anyway else!)
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13 August 2008 @ 09:52 pm
Since we're getting close to the big day, I thought I'd post up a bit of travel info.

The address of the cinema is:

Odeon Kingston,
The Rotunda,
Clarence Street,
Kingston Upon Thames.

Info on it can be found on the Odeon website here. The Rotunda is a leisure centre and info on it (and what else is inside it, ie. places to get food) can be found here.

The Rotunda website also contains information on how to get there. As the website claims (and this is verified through nationalrail.co.uk), it's a half hour train journey from Waterloo to Kingston and trains depart every 15 minutes. The best ticket appears to be a day saver ticket, which costs £6.

If you have any queries on this (or anything else for that matter), I'd ask that you please direct them to tihscreening@googlemail.com. This being not only because am I in Scotland, but because Cassie is the organiser and I'm simply a helper, ergo she knows a lot more than me :P
30 July 2008 @ 09:59 pm
Here it is guys!

Tickets are on general sale now! They cost £25 each and you can choose from either the 12 noon screening or the 3pm screening. The venue is the Odeon Cinema in Kingston Upon Thames, directly opposite the train station. For those of you needing a place to stay for the night, there is a Travelodge right around the corner.

The film has an American rating of 'R' which means if you are 15 and older, that is fine but if you are 14 or below, you must be accompanied by a full paying adult.

Edit: tickets are no longer available online. They will be available to purcahse from me 20/30 minutes before each screening time at the cinema.

When purchasing tickets, PLEASE state in the box marked 'message to merchant' which screening you'd like and make sure you include your postal address.

See you all in September!

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16 July 2008 @ 10:23 pm
Tickets, tickets, someone got the tickets?

I've messaged everyone who registered at the googlemail email about tickets. I haven't added the button up here yet (forgot to mention that in the email, sorry) cause a, I need to check that it is ok and b, I wanted to give those people on the email list first chance of getting tickets. So hopefully the button will be up in a couple of days.

Sorry about the confusion.
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